Bigg Boss OTT 3: ‘Just Looking Like A Wow’ Fame Jasmeen Kaur To Participate In The Show?

As per the reports, "just looking like a wow" fame Jasmeen Kaur has expressed interest in participating in Bigg Boss OTT 3.

Bigg Boss 17 wrapped up in January, and now viewers are eagerly awaiting the next season of the show. Before Bigg Boss 18 hits screens, audiences will be treated to Bigg Boss OTT 3. Speculation is rife about the show’s premiere date and the lineup of contestants. Among the rumored participants is internet sensation Jasmeen Kaur, renowned for her viral catchphrase “just looking like a wow.”

Recently, Jasmeen Kaur, known for her fame on “Just Looking Like a Wow,” expressed her desire to participate in Bigg Boss. In an interview with Telly Talk, she mentioned that she would readily accept the offer to join Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss. Having previously appeared as a guest on Bigg Boss 17, she now aspires to be a contestant on the show.

According to reports, the producers may also consider her for Bigg Boss OTT 3 due to her status as a social media sensation, deeming her a suitable fit. Jasmeen mentioned in her interview that she is open to any acting opportunities. She expressed her strong passion for acting and her interest in portraying roles such as a mother-daughter duo, a daughter-in-law, or any grandmother-aunt character.

Who Is Jasmeen Kaur?

Jasmeen operates her own boutique, specializing in women’s clothing. She utilizes a distinctive strategy on Instagram to promote her shop and showcase the variety of colors available in her salwar suits. When describing her products, she frequently emphasizes their beauty and elegance, often exclaiming, “Just looking like a wow.” This unique style of expression garnered widespread attention on social media, even inspiring the creation of a dedicated audio clip on Instagram.

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