Friday, September 18, 2020

    Justin Bieber On Date Night Gushes Over Wife Hailey Baldwin Says He’s Feeling ‘Blessed’

    Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are starting their summer road trip of love. The pair rolled into Chicago, where, during a romantic roof-top date night, he gushed over his gorgeous wife.


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    This summer’s road trip around the country has made Justin Bieber fall ever further into wife Hailey Baldwin‘s affection as if that could even be. They made their way east from the western mountains and lakes, and have now landed in Chicago.

    The pair had a masked-up stop in his hometown with a friend Chance the Rapper, 27, before setting out together for a cozy dinner date. Justin posted the video without sound while sitting across Hailey ‘s table, while the backdrop of the Chicago night skyline could be seen. He gushed further into the caption, “This is my view during date night. Wtf. I’m so blessed.”

    When it came to Hailey ‘s makeup, the model looked radiant, with perfect skin and a thin coat of natural hues. For a mid-week dinner out in town, it was the optimal balance of light-glam, and the 23-year-old wore her blonde hair tied back in a bun so her new and beautiful face was on full display.

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    The 26-year-old singer left off the sound so that viewers could just take in the visuals of what he was doing during dinner. A beautiful and adoring woman who engages him in conversation smiles, and shows Justin what it is like to be looked at with so much affection. No wonder he feels so  “blessed.”

    Last weekend getaway of Justin Bieber and wife Hailey was seen getting all cute while taking a loved-up road trip up to Utah. Check out the pictures.

    Meanwhile, Justin shared with fans on July 30 pictures that indicate the power couple, after their stop in Windy City, is back on the road again.

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