When Margot Robbie Revealed Her Thoughts On Getting Unnoticed In The Wolf Of Wall Street!

The Barbie girl once felt slipping under the radar in front of Leonardo’s power-packed performance in the Wall Street Drama, but Margot also shined!

‘Margot Robbie’ is credited to be on of the most successful and popular actresses of Hollywood now. The Australian origin artist has featured in blockbuster international films like ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, ‘Focus’ and ‘The Legend Of Tarzan’. Margot garnered immense appreciation and love for the portrayal of ‘Harley Quinn’s’ character in ‘Suicide Squad’ due to its unique killer look that took 3 hours of preparation before shoot. Her recent venture ‘Barbie’ proved out to be a trendsetter in turn making audiences rush to multiplexes donning pink coloured clothes, the same was a super-hit in Indian region too.

Margot attracted limelight for the first time in The ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’, starring the legendary ‘Leonardo DiCaprio’ as main lead. Robbie enacted the role of ‘Naomi Lapaglia’- second wife to ‘Jordan Belfort’ (Leonardo’s character). But the Barbie star once expressed her thoughts on being unnoticed in the cult-classic Wall Street movie as it was the latters first film in America. In an interview with BAFTA, she revealed “Honestly, I know this sounds silly now, knowing how big the movie became, but at the time I thought no one’s gonna notice me in this film. It kind of doesn’t matter what I do in this film because everyone’s gonna be focused on Leo and everything, and I’ll just kind of slip under the radar.”

But the tables turned, despite entering as a newcomer Margot Robbie was widely praised for her tremendous wild acting skills in The Wolf Of Wall Street. Directed by ‘Martin Scorsese’ the dark-money-comedy genre was released back in 2013 shattering all records at the global box office. Helmed by the giant ‘Paramount Pictures’ and ‘Leo’ jointly the mega movie was based on how stock brokers rule the wall Street in U.S.A- projecting their posh luxury lifestyles with drugs and drama.

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