The Reason Behind Amber Heard Getting Replaced from Aquaman 2 Is Johnny Depp?

Amber Heard might get Replaced due to Johnny Depp Controversy from DC Film Aquaman 2. Read Below.

For some time now, the personal life of Amber Heard has made the headlines due to her divorce with Johnny Depp. Like the other divorces and separations we’ve seen in Hollywood, the divorce between Heard and Depp is much more complex with accusations of cheating and abuse. While it looks like this controversy could cost Heard her career in Hollywood.

If the rumors are to be believed, Heard’s role in DC’s sequel to Aquaman may be in doubt. Having appeared alongside Jason Momoa in the first film as Mera, it looks as if Heard will either be replaced or play a much smaller part in the sequel than it was before.

As mentioned by We Got This Covered, there’s also speculation that Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is expected to replace Heard even though nothing has been confirmed yet. It all began after Johnny Depp fans signed a petition to ban Heard from Aquaman franchise after Daily Mail publicly disclosed audio recordings of their heated arguments.

Heard taunted Depp in the tapes saying that no one should believe he’s a victim of domestic violence. It looks like the comments on the internet and the petition has led Warner Bros into wondering that they should either limit Heard’s involvement in the film or remove it. Given that the film is all set to start filming next year, there is enough time for the producers to take the final call.

Recently, the claims of domestic abuse by Amber Heard on Depp that prompted Disney to drop Johnny Depp from the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. The Aquaman star has recently hit the headlines for leaked photos showing her cuddling SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, in Depp’s private penthouse elevator. Johhny Depp claimed Heard was cheating on him even when she was married to him.

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