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The REAL Reason Behind Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler’s Break Up

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler recently called it quits after about 9 years of togetherness, leaving fans confused since the couple had everything going for them. Here’s what actually happened between the former couple causing the sudden breakup.

Distance can take a toll on a relationship and that’s exactly what happened in the case of Vanessa Hudgens and longtime boyfriend Austin Butler after spending nine whole years with one another.

The pair are both enjoying great careers and working on brand new movies currently, which turned out to be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. Good – for their careers, bad – for their relationship, that unfortunately succumbed to the distance. Vanessa spent most of last year filming Bad Boys for Life in Atlanta, and The Knight Before Christmas in Canada and Ireland and reportedly didn’t get enough time to spend with her then-BF.

The distance issue, however, was not from Hudgens end alone. Beating tough competitors such as Harry Styles, Ansel Elgort, and Miles Teller, Austin ended up landing the coveted lead role in the Elvis Presley biopic by director Baz Lurhrmann, which he is going to be shooting and spending majority of his time down under in – Australia.

“They had to spend too much time apart the last few months, that’s what did it. Vanessa was so busy with back to back projects that she was hardly home. And Austin has been just as busy with work. He’s doing a movie in Australia and he’s had to be over there on and off for months doing pre-production. They are very good when they are together. But when they’re apart, that is when things get tough and they were apart for months,” a source close to the couple revealed to a news portal.

“They’ve made it through long periods before without seeing each other, but this time they didn’t. It’s really sad because they truly love each other. But it’s one of the hard realities of this business, it is very hard on relationships,” the source further continued. Post-split Vanessa was spotted having a romantic dinner date in Brooklyn with Lakers player Kyle Kuzma. “Austin is a level-headed guy, he’s not going to freak out about her dating again. They’re broken up, and she’s a very beautiful woman. Of course, men are going to be lining up to date her. That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. He’s not going to want to hear about it,” the source added.

Austin and Vanessa had a deep love for each other and still have so much respect for each other. The distance and the careers they both have really got in the way,” a second source revealed to the same news portal. “He is now in a completely different stratosphere thanks to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (where he played Tex Watson), so he is just getting used to the more roles he is being offered. It was no big fight or disagreement. It was just that they drifted apart thanks to their careers, and they both have flourishing ones. It is sad, but is something that had to be done. They are both being very mature about it, and are accepting the change and being apart gracefully.”

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