The Dark Knight’s Hospital Scene Is Iconic Due To Heath Ledger

This amazing fact and scoop related to late Hollywood star is totally true that The Dark Knight’s hospital scene is iconic due to Heath Ledger.

We all have loved the award winning hollywood film maker Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight (2008) which starred the late iconic and ace star Heath Ledger playing main role of Joker which is still loved by audiences and Heath is also missed by his fans even today and if we are talking about this iconic cult superhit film, then surely no one can forget the brilliant masterpiece hospital scene and some speculative rumors also state that this scene had been improvised by Heath but the reality is that The Dark Knight’s hospital scene is iconic due to Heath Ledger.

This is an intriguing fact about the late legendary Hollywood superstar that the scene is still remembered even today because The Dark Knight’s hospital scene is iconic due to Heath Ledger.

This is true that The Dark Knight’s hospital scene is iconic due to Heath Ledger.

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According to a leading digital global entertainment portal, director Christopher Nolan had been given only a single chance for blowing up the entire building during the filming schedule for The Dark Knight and in this particular scene as played out in the film ,we all see how Joker starts walking out when the bomb in that building explodes wherein initially when the anticipated bombs didn’t go off at their timing, Joker got confused at first but then later on he gets surprised by this big explosion.

Fans might also agree that there’s a chance that Heath made every scene in the film more spectacular and grand visually by just being really fun to be watched during the pause which was indeed a planned event right from the start till the end where even Heath Ledger’s reactions as Joker were perfect and also exactly what audiences would expect to see if any one of them ever wore that Joker face.

The truth behind the cult hospital scene is that in reality the building was going to get destroyed either ways and it was the director Christopher Nolan’s foresight that had him convince the owner of that building to let him blow it off instead.

The entire cast just had gotten a single shot to bring down an entire building which had been filled with bombs and explosives and the hope was that the essence of movie magic could be created in that short amount of time so that later nothing could be left to chance wherein every pause and step had been meticulously planned out by the special effects team but main big challenge was that the execution of the this particular hospital scene had to be carried out keeping the safety angle in mind and also making sure all safe measures were already in place before filming it which was a huge roadblock for all those involved on the sets where each part of it had been thought out carefully right from the small explosions happening behind Heath Ledger to final scene in which he jumps on the bus which had been rehearsed and also seen through on the computer models which in itself was a new type of record and history created for all those involved within this film.

In an old interview, Heath speaks up about how he and Christopher Nolan had had similar ideas for Joker and opening up on it, he had said, “He had something up his sleeves, and it happened to be what Chris was looking for…We shared ideas and they were the same”.

Even though late legendary cinema icon Heath Ledger passed away back in 2008 before movie even got released, his role as Joker is considered as iconic and brilliant by fans and audiences so much that they haven’t like other versions of Joker that much.