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Stormi adorably disses Kylie Jenner: I Like ‘Daddy’s’Music More

Kylie Jenner is currently going viral after she sang ‘rise and shine’ as she wakes up her daughter Stormi who is sleeping, in a clip from her last YouTube video.

Stormi Webster seems to have quite an appreciation for music or should we say singing. Stormi in a cute video is seen requesting for daddy Travis Scott‘s music while she is listening to an audio clip of her mom Kylie Jenner‘s voice! Stormi is seen dancing to the EDM-inspired tune, while Kylie is heard saying “Yes! You like it?” Stormi is then heard starts exclaiming “Daddy singing? DADDY SINGING!” while Kylie explains “No baby, that’s mommy!” 

No, Kylie is currently not pursuing music, but fans got to listen to her amazing voice during the Kylie Cosmetics office tour, a video that Kylie shared on her YouTube channel. At the end of the video, Kylie is seen entering Stormi’s playroom and wakes her up from a nap. Kylie is heard sweetly singing the phrase “rise and shine” while looking down at her gorgeous baby. Since then the clip has gone completely viral while it has also become meme material for many.

Kylie captioned the video as,  “daddy’s girl” with two eye roll emojis. Stormi in the video is also seen wearing a t-shirt that says Astro, which is a reference to dad’s Astroworld album that released in July 2018! Travis also commented on the video, he wrote, “wild” with a heart eye emoji.

Stormi has always been her dad Travis Scott’s top fan since day 1. She is often seen rocking his tour merch, while she was also seen on the road with her dad for several dates on his lengthy Astroworld Tour. She also seen in daddy’s recent documentary Look Mom I Can Fly and won hearts. Though it’s heartbreaking that Kylie and Travis called it quits on their relationship, but they remain amazing co-parents to baby Stormi!

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