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Robert Kristen’s Sex Scene In Twilight Was Too Hot For PG 13

The most iconic Hollywood ex couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart whose love story started and ended on Twilight series itself, but for fans who still love Edward Bella's chemistry in Twilight saga is that Robert Kristen's sex scene in Twilight was too hot for PG 13 rating.

One of the most loved ex couples in our Hollywood film industry wherein their love story started on the sets of Twilight movie saga (2008 – 2012), is ace actor Robert Pattinson and versatile iconic star Kristen Stewart. Sadly even their relationship could not stand the test of time and they both broke up with each other nine years back in 2012. But we also know that fans and people still love their chemistry in Twilight even now. So an interesting tit bit here is that Robert Kristen’s sex scene in Twilight was too hot for PG 13.

Fans who still love watching the onscreen sizzling chemistry between Edward and Bella in Twilight saga movie series would be happy to know that initially Robert Kristen’s sex scene in Twilight was too hot for PG 13.

One of the most iconic and timeless superhit supernatural original movie series which is loved by audiences, fans and netizens even today is the Twilight movie saga and for people who still fall in love with Edward and Bella’s magical onscreen romance and chemistry with one another, this intriguing piece of never heard before story here is that originally, Robert Kristen’s sex scene in Twilight was too hot for PG 13.

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During their promotional spree for Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I, the then on screen and also off screen lovers finally revealed the fact about how their sex scene had to be re shot by the makers because it showed a little bit of more skin then required for the studios.

During their joint appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show back in 2011, when Ellen asked both Robert and Kristen about why they both were forced to re shoot their sex scene, on this both hilariously disclosed about how one of them had shown a little too much of a “butt crack” in that scene. Robert also laughingly joked about how the director had to totally edit and remove the crack part as that particular bit did push the movie over the PG 13 rating.

During this interview, both ex flames Robert and Kristen were dating each other in real life but their fairytale real life romance came to an end a year later in 2012 when Kristen got caught cheating on Robert with director Rupert Sanders who helmed the movie Snow White And The Huntsman (2012) that had Kristen playing the leading female protagonist.

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