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Netflix Drops Trailer For Animated Movie ‘Back To The Outback’ – Watch

Back To The Outback is slated to release on streaming giant on December 10, 2021.

Netflix has recently unveiled the official trailer of Back to the Outback. The animated movie has been lauded as ‘a love letter to Australia’ after the film was announced last year. The trailer for the family flick was released on Tuesday, promising a movie filled with adventure and plenty of heart.

Isla Fisher voices cast for Maddie, a poisonous snake who leads a group of Australia’s deadliest creatures on a daring escape from their zoo where humans gawk at their scales and fangs and back to the outback. She leads an all-star cast including Miranda Tapsell, who plays Zoe the thorny devil lizard.

Guy Pearce, who voices Frank the hairy spider, and Angus Imrie, who plays Nigel the scorpion. Joining them on their great escape is their nemesis, Pretty Boy the Koala, voiced by comedian Tim Minchin, who is the zoo’s biggest attraction. But the rag-tag group’s journey out of Sydney to the outback is not without pursuit.

Hot on their tails to get them back into their enclosures is Crocodile Dundee-Esque zookeeper Chaz, played by Eric Bana, and his mini-me partner Ben, voiced by child star Diesel La Torraca. The movie will also feature the voices of Keith Urban, Celeste Barber, and Jacki Weaver.

Tim Minchin talked to The Daily Telegraph about how the film challenges stereotypes about Australia’s native fauna. He stated, “I find it irritating that Australia is known as a country where you get killed because obviously, the vast majority of Australians have never seen a snake in their life outside of the zoo or been bitten by a spider.” “What Harry (Cripps) and Claire (Knight, the directors) are doing so beautifully is they’re mucking around with those tropes and using them to bring out what we see as ugly and what we see as beautiful,” he added.

Back to the Outback will be co-directed by screenwriter Harry Cripps and editor Clare Knight in both of their directorial debuts. The film is penned by Cripps and executive produced by Gregory Lessans. The movie is slated to release on streaming giant on December 10, 2021.

Watch the Official trailer of Back To The Outback Here:

Credit: Official YouTube Channel of Netflix

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