Netflix’s Beef Calls For Cancellation After Actor David Choe’s Old Comments Resurface

The Beef actor David Choe's old statement about his ‘rapey’ behaviour went viral on the internet and faced backlash.

The Internet is such a thing that anything can go viral at any time. And now the throwback trend is to be observed, and its results can also be bad. Recently, the Beef actor David Choe’s old statement about his ‘rapey’ behaviour went viral on the internet, and now the result is this: netizens are demanding that Netflix boycott the series. Choe, who played Isaac in the show, made the comment in 2014 in his podcast. 

During the podcast, David Choe recounted an incident and said that he got a message from a woman named Rose, who claimed to have sexually assaulted her. As per the reports in Jared, the 46-year-old actor touched the masseuse’s hand while talking and placed it on his privates. He further said that the woman was not enjoying it, but still she continued to be with him. 

David said he wasn’t happy when she was pushing, so he asked her to spit on him. But she didn’t do that. And then he asked her to kiss his member, but she didn’t even do that.

To Choe’s statement, his co-host Asa Akira replied, “You raped.”

According to BuzzFeed, David later clarified that he is not a rapist. He said, “I just want to make it clear that I admit that that’s rapey behaviour, but I am not a rapist. With the rape stuff, I have been in a lot of trouble right now.” If she warns me and calls security, then the story will be different. ‘ But the thrill of possibly going to jail, that’s what sparked the erection investigation.”

When the podcast started facing backlash at the time, he changed his statement and said that he just made up stories, “I am sorry if anyone believed that stories were facts.”

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