Lisa Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Concert, Watch Viral Video

BLACKPINK's Lisa recently suffered a wardrobe malfunction during her concert in Las Vegas. Fans applauded the singer for being calm.

Korean band, BLACKPINK recently wrapped up their Born Pink concert in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, a video of Lisa from her recent Las Vegas concert is now going viral on the internet in which the singer suffered from a wardrobe malfunction during her performance on stage.

BLACKPINK Lisa Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction During Concert

In the viral video, Lisa was seen wearing a strap dress during the concert. And while performing a strap comes undone, however keeping her cool the singer continues her performance without any issues. Reacting to the same a lot of Lisa’s fans came out to support the singer and praised her for being calm and composed.

Sharing the video a user tweeted, “Lisa had a wardrobe malfunction but she performed so professionally…you can see she is trying to fix it behind Jisoo but she couldn’t so she performed like that but so well…my professional girl”.

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Another tweeted, “Lisa’s professionalism is incredible — you barely even notice the wardrobe malfunction bc she made it seem like it was part of the choreo. Her stage presence & performance level didn’t even waver for a sec.”

On the other hand, many fans claimed that Jennie also seemed to have issues with her outfit. A user wrote that the strap of Jennies top was lose and kept sliding down during her performance. “JENNIE with problems with her top but her is giving her best like always!”

Meanwhile, Korean band, BLANKPINK’s contract with agency YG entertainment will be expiring this year. The band started their tour last year and has given 62 concerts during their 2nd world tour which has now been extended to 66 concerts with 2 extra shows to be performed in Seol.

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