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Lady Gaga Reveals The Inspiration Behind Writing Her New Book

Lady Gaga has spilled the beans on the inspiration behind writing her new book Channel of Kindness. Gaga speaks vividly about the book and what it has to offer. Read below to know more.

Lady Gaga has been an inspiration to many. The singer has come a long way in her musical and personal journey. The Poker Face singer recently published her own book titled Channel Of Kindness. The book dives deep into issues related to mental health and talks about bravery. Lady Gaga in her recent interaction revealed the inspiration behind writing this book.

For the unversed, Lady Gaga along with her mother founded Born This Way Foundation in 2012. The platform features real-life stories about young people and mental health. The organisation is making a difference in the community by preaching the act of kindness.

Thus the idea for the new book came up. Gaga and her mother gathered a bunch of young writers and turned their experiences into stories.

Speaking on the message she wants to get to the people with her book Gaga said, “I want to help kids that have been hurt or are hurting. I want to help them get through that part of their life.”

The booksis an #1 bestseller on Amazon and Gaga is happy by the love the book is receiving from the readers.

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Speaking more about her book, Gaga adds that they trained more than 100 youth reporters. They will tell everyone’s story. She exclaims by saying, “What’s amazing is it’s also made by young people, for young people.”

Recalling the memories, Lady Gaga said that when they founded the organisation they had no idea what it is going to be. However, they had a mission, and it was to build a kinder and braver world.

Meanwhile, we hope that Lady Gaga inspires the world to be a better world full of kindness with her new book.

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