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Kylie Jenner And Her BFF Stassie Is Slammed For Breaking Lockdown Rules

Kylie Jenner invited her best friend Stassie to hang out during quarantine, due to which she is slammed for violating social distancing rules.

Kylie Jenner is being slammed for hanging out with her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou despite the world is under lockdown situation. Pictures of Kylie, 22, driving to Stassie’s house amid lockdown last week, and now their TikTok and Instagram handles show Stassie returning the visit.

WATCH: Kylie Jenner Sneaks Out To Meet Her BFF Stassie Amid The Lockdown

The two posted multiple pictures and videos of themselves lying out in the sun, shooting hoops, playing with Stormi, and dancing — and they sparked criticism from netizens accusing Kylie of ignoring the rules, even as she encouraged others to stay home and she herself is not following.

Stassie seems to have visited Kylie on Monday at her $36.5 million Holmby Hills mansion and the two spent a couple of hours together, sharing all of it on social media.

They both took some perfectly posing pictures and videos of each other hanging out by the pool and spraying on Kylie’s skincare products. In one video in an Instagram post, Kylie referred to Stassie as ‘my friend in quarantine.’ They even had drinks that seems to be a green juice through the pictures posted and a coffee and clinked cups as they sat out in the sun. The two learned some TikTok dances while goofing around, and filmed themselves busting a step.

Watch Kylie and Stassie dance in the video below!

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