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Kylie And Travis Slammed By Fans For Stormi’s Yellow School Bus

One of the most hottest and it couples in the Hollywood industry from past few years now, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott slammed by fans on twitter for gifting Stormi yellow school bus.

We all know that one of hottest lit couples who keep on giving family and couple goals to their fans on social media are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott and this isn’t baffling but lately Kylie and Travis slammed by fans for Stormi’s yellow school bus.

According to the leading global digital entertainment publication, taking to her official instagram account and dropping a few snaps via instagram stories for her fans, Kylie posted few pics of their daughter Stormi Webster clearly also mentioning that lately she has been totally obsessed by school buses and so its not really surprising here but Kylie and Travis slammed by fans for Stormi’s yellow school bus.

Also according to Kylie, a special yellow colored school bus has been gifted by Travis Scott to their daughter so that she can live all her dreams and this over the top gift didn’t settle down well with the fans on socail media and the result was that both Kylie and Travis slammed by fans for Stormi’s yellow school bus.

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Kylie wrote in her stories, “All Stormi has been talking about is riding a big yellow bus. Daddy surprised her”.

Taking to social media account on Twitter, many users and fans expressed their discontent and displeasure on this really over the top gift of Travis to Stormi and expressing the same, one user wrote, “Saw Kylie’s story about Travis ‘surprising’ Stormi with a yellow school bus so she can pretend to be middle class for the day and I damn near broke my ankle running to Twitter”.

Another one tweeted, “Travis Scott ‘surprising’ Stormi with a school bus like it’s a brand new dollhouse is the funniest shit I’ve seen all day”.

Some fans and social media users mentioning about how driving in a normal yellow school bus isn’t something hich could ever be experienced by their daughter Stormi given her parent’s careers and status took to social media platform Twitter and wrote, “Stormi is so rich her dad Travis surprised her with a yellow school bus so she can act middle class for the day”.

Whilst another one recalling their weird and bad memories on the yellow school bus wrote, “Obsessed with the thought that Travis Scott paid an absurd amount of money to rent this raggedy public school bus for Stormi. Some of my worst childhood memories were made on this bus… for free”.

Travis and Kylie have not responded to any comments about the gift, but undoubtedly we can say that now all these over the top gifts are really normal and the norm for Stormi. For Christmas, Travis gave her a Cinderella carriage filled with princess dresses and also its true and real that she’s got her own huge collection of designer bags. 

Stormi has also had some magnum opus themed birthday parties that also include two Stormiworld amusement park themed parties along with helming and handling her own Kylie Cosmetics collection.

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