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Kylie Sparks Pregnancy Rumors Of Expecting Baby Number Two

An exciting and juicy gossip of the day here is that the youngest self-made billionaire and actress, Kylie Jenner sparks pregnancy rumors of expecting baby number two.

The social media icon, the creator of multibillion cosmetics empire Kylie Cosmetics, social media influencer and actress Kylie sparks pregnancy rumors of expecting baby number two.

Kylie Jenner’s recent instagram post pictures on her official handle which have been going viral on social media and taken internet by storm prove that indeed Kylie sparks pregnancy rumors of expecting baby number two.

Taking to her social media accounts and dropping pictures wherein she was seen celebrating her 24th birthday this week, all the fans and netizens are pretty much convinced that definitely Kylie sparks pregnancy rumors of expecting baby number two.

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Already a doting and loving mother to 3 year old baby girl Stormi that she shares with her beau Travis Scott, but her recent pics have definitely made fans think and mull that could it actually be possible that Stormi is set to become an elder sister to her younger sibling.

Kylie taking to her social media handle at instagram shared a series of pictures of herself wearing a green colored dress and the caption read, ‘Cheers to 24’, clearly indicating that this was the day of her birthday which she celebrated.

Although, albeit confusingly, but her elder sister Kim Kardashian posted several pics from the day as well on social media platforms and in a photo which sees Kylie along with her friends and family holding cocktails, Kylie had been tagged in the pics which clearly showed her green nails.

But in the photos of herself decked up in a green ensemble dress she had pink nails, so if Kim Kardashian’s photographs are the ones taken from Kylie’s birthday celebrations, then the ones of Kylie wearing a green dress must have been taken before. Why though and it is pretty much obvious that is to hide her possible baby bump.

One fan, @emilycschwartz taking to her account on viral short form video making application TikTok explained in the comments which read, “Kylie Jenner is pregnant, and I have receipts. Yesterday was her birthday and she posted this picture wearing a green dress, and the most important part of these pictures are her nails. What colour are they here? They’re pink”.

She then goes on to explain the part Kim played wherein she attached the photo that Kim shared on social media and her comment read, “Kimmy made a bit of a boo boo. If you look over here in the corner, Kylie’s nails are green. She did not get her nails done in the middle of the day, she had a birthday party, which by the way, not one person posted a picture of themselves from”.

She also adds, “This girl is everywhere. Something is up, something is weird. It smells like baby”.

It’s pretty complicated but with Travis and Kylie’s recent reunion, it is quite possible that may be this isn’t wrong with all the fans speculating about baby number two for a while now which could be our very first clue.

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