Everything To Know About Squid Game Reality TV Show With $4.56M Cash Prize

Netflix has launched a huge open casting call searching for participants from around the world to take part in Squid Game: The Challenge.

After the massive success of the Korean series Squid Game, Netflix announces the biggest reality competition series ever, Squid Game: The Challenge. However, it will not be life or death that is at stake, as shown in the South Korean dystopian drama. Instead, 456 recruits from around the world will play games where ‘the worst fate is going home empty-handed’ missing out on a $4.56m prize.

This is really a huge cash prize. The Squid Game reality show is a co-production between Studio Lambert (The Circle) and The Garden (24 Hours in A&E), part of ITV Studios, and it will be filmed in the UK. However, you must be now wondering how and where to apply for the challenge. So no worries! Here’s every detail about the Squid Game Reality TV Show.

What Is Squid Game: The Challenge?
Netflix announced on June 14 that the streaming platform is bringing a new reality TV show based on the hit series Squid Game. Luckily, the stakes won’t be life or death for the contestants in this real-life version. However, the game will remain similar to the original show in a number of other ways. 456 real players will enter the game in pursuit of a life-changing reward of a huge cash prize.

How much Is Squid Game: The Challenge Prize?
The cash prize is up for grabs at the end of Squid Game: The Challenge is set to be the biggest in TV history, a whopping $4.56 million, if we convert 4.56 million dollars in rupees then it will be 35,63,43,480 rupees. However, it’s unclear for now how the prize will be distributed amongst the contestants, whether one winner takes like the original show, or split between a certain number of surviving finalists.

How To Participate In Squid Game: The Challenge
Netflix has launched a huge open casting call searching for English language speakers from around the world to take part in the game. The condition that contestants must speak English is perhaps a controversial one considering that the original Squid Game was entirely in Korean. You can apply for Squid Game: The Challenge at SquidGameCasting.com.

For the registration process, you have to enter your name, email, mobile phone, birthday and nationality. From there, you need to upload a one-minute-long video telling the casting team about yourself and why you want to take part in Squid Game: The Challenge. You should talk about what your game plan would be and what you would do with the cash prize if you won. You also have to upload a headshot and full-length photograph of yourself.

Squid Game: The Challenge Eligibility
To participate in Squid Game: The Challenge, you must agree to all the eligibility requirements. You are or will be at least, 21 years old at the time of applying for Squid Game: The Challenge. You have the right to legally reside in the UK. You will be available to take part in the program for up to four weeks, currently anticipated to be in early 2023.
You should have a valid passport for the whole period of filming if selected and have the right to be able to travel to all locations as specified.

Squid Game: The Challenge participant are not employed or engaged and have not been previously employed or engaged by any company within the All3 Media Group and/or Netflix and you are not an immediate relative of an employee of or worker for any company within the All three Media Group and/or Netflix.

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Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of Netflix

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