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Katy Perry COLLAPSES on the sets of American Idol 2020: ‘I’m not feeling good’ (UPDATE)

Katy Perry faints on the sets of American Idol 2020. Find out why!

Katy Perry posts video of her updating her friends on her fainting on the sets of American Idol during the gas leak! “Me alerting the group chat about drama in real-time Tune in to #AmericanIdol NOW West Coast!” the singer captioned the series of hilarious pictures.

Something really scary happens for the judges and the contestants, especially Fireworks singer Katy Perry in the brand new episode of American Idol 2020.

A Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie were seated at the judges panel as per usual in the audition hall, they could suddenly smell gas and predicted a gas leak on the sets.

“Do you guys smell gas? It’s pretty intense,” Katy Perry says in a preview clip of the episode.

“We’re getting heavy propane,” Luke Bryan alerts the crew of the show hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

 “I have a slight headache from it,” Katy says as appears dizzy. “Oh it’s bad, it’s really bad,” she explains.

A little after the judges feel there’s a gas leak, chaos emerges amongst the team and the contestants as sirens and fire alarms are heard in the background.

Firefighters show up to check the sets and de-escalate the scary situation.

“This is not a joke, there really is a gas leak,” says Bryan while waiting outside the studio.

Everybody including the judges were instructed to wait outside as the fire department rectifies the issue when Katy suddenly says “I’m not feeling good” and falls flat to the ground.

Check out the video below.

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