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Joey King Battled Imposter Syndrome While Filming ‘Bullet Train’ Alongside Brad Pitt

Joey King has recently revealed that she battled with 'imposter syndrome' while filming Bullet Train with A-list actors.

Joey King has recently revealed that she battled imposter syndrome while filming her new movie Bullet Train alongside Brad Pitt. The actress also insisted that she was like a ‘fish out of water next to the Hollywood star. The actress, who stars as Prince in the latest movie while Brad plays Ladybug in the film which is set for release on August 3, shared she didn’t feel competent enough for the role despite her experience.

The In-Between star explained in a recent interview with Digital Spy, “I’ve been acting for almost 19 years now, which is insane, but I feel like this movie, stepping onto this set, I felt like I had just touched down in Los Angeles and it was my first [movie].” “‘I felt so fish out of the water, imposter syndrome, I was like, ‘What am I doing here? I don’t deserve to be here.'” The actress continues, “But working on this movie with the entire cast and of course Brad, I mean he’s Brad Pitt at the end of the day, we love Brad Pitt.”

Joey added, “It was truly an honour, not just because they’re so talented and have such cool careers, but because they’re the coolest humans to work with.” The Kissing Booth actress then shared that Brad became someone that she was so comfortable with and feel so lucky that she was able to share this time with, she just absolutely adore him. The upcoming thriller movie, The Bullet Train, follows the story of ‘five assassins aboard a fast-moving bullet train’, who ‘find out their missions have something in common.’

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Alongside Brad Pitt and Joey King, the star cast also include Karen Fukuhara, Sandra Bullock, and Logan Lerman. Joey and Brad have been spotted together on a number of occasions in recent weeks at screenings and premieres for the film, with the actress saying Brad has been a mentor to her.

The actress shared, “I learned a lot from Brad, some incredible personal life lessons,” she shared with Men’s Journal this month. “He’s been in the public eye for so long. It’s such a weird thing to balance. Only a niche group knows exactly what it feels like. Brad was so gracious in helping someone like me.” She added, “Bullet Train is a truly larger-than-life film that I can’t believe I got to be a part of.”

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