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Joe Jonas Shares The Secret Behind The Vegas Wedding; Check Out

Joe Jonas has revealed the secret behind his spontaneous wedding with actress Sophie Turner in Vegas last year. Read below to know more.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are amongst the most adorable Hollywood couple and they never shy away from PDA. The lovebirds tied the knot last year on May 01, in Las Vegas, following the Billboard Music Award. The couple late had a second wedding in France as the Vegas wedding was an impromptu one.

In a recent interaction with his fans, Joe answered a string of questions about himself and also about his wedding with Sophie. He said that went ahead with the first ceremony as they ‘had to get legally married in the States.’

Joe further clarified, “So we thought it would be really fun to get all of our friends, invite them out (to Vegas), and do an impromptu wedding.” He then added, “And we actually had some people that I didn’t even know that well there.”

Joe also mentioned that some people who attended his wedding ceremony are now some of his close friends. He said that he was happy that Khalid marked his presence and how Diplo decided to Livestream the whole wedding.

Joe then said he and Sophie had to face the consequences of it when their families found out from the news about their impromptu decision. The Cake By The Ocean singer said, “My parents called me the next morning and they were like ‘Did you just get married? And I realised that I told everybody, but forgot to tell my parents. So, kids, make sure you tell your parents when you’re getting legally married!”

Well, that’s a memorable wedding moment for Joe and Sophie and no wonder why the 30-year old singer cherishes his Vegas wedding. The Vegas wedding is so special that Joe had decided to create Vegas at home to celebrate their first wedding anniversary 2 weeks back.

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