“I F***Ing Dare You To Throw Something At Me”: Adele Warns Those Who Throw Things At Artists

Adele's Puts Up Strong Message Protecting Artists And Confronting Object-Throwing Trend

Pop sensation Adele recently addressed a concerning trend during one of her events, cautioning her fans against throwing objects at artists. In a playful manner, Adele questioned the crowd, drawing attention to the lack of show etiquette observed by some individuals. While brandishing a T-shirt gun, she boldly declared, “I fucking dare you. Dare you to throw something at me and I’ll fucking kill you,” A video captured this moment, highlighting Adele’s strong stance.

Adele further emphasised the issue, expressing her dismay at the current wave of audience members who have disregarded respect for artists. With the T-shirt gun in hand, she remarked, “Instead of throwing things at the artist, why not shoot things to people?” She expressed her concern for those who seemed to have lost control and stressed the gravity of the situation.

This unfortunate trend of targeting artists with objects has affected several musicians. Bebe Rexha, for instance, experienced an incident where a phone was thrown at her face during a performance. The perpetrator was later apprehended and charged with assault. Similarly, Ava Max encountered an audience member who rushed the stage and slapped her, resulting in an injury to her eye. Max took to Twitter to voice her frustration, declaring that the assailant would never be welcome at her concerts again. Kelsea Ballerini also faced a similar incident in Idaho, where she was struck by an object. Following this unsettling occurrence, Ballerini urged her fans to prioritize their safety and report any suspicious or uncomfortable situations. Adele’s remarks regarding this issue have gained widespread attention, resonating with fans who appreciate her courageous stance against the object-throwing trend. As a prominent figure in the music industry, her call for respect towards artists performing live has been applauded by many as an important message that deserves attention and consideration.

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