Hugh Jackman Makes Witty Remark On Blake Lively Ending Up With Ryan Reynolds

In a recently hilarious interaction, Hugh Jackman sympathised with Lively and wondered how she ended up with her husband Ryan Reynolds. The Gossip Girl fame actress recently celebrated her 33rd birthday and the Wolverine star was all praises for her. During his interview on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, Jackman made a witty remark by saying, “Blake is amazing, I don’t know how that happened but still, she is flawless. To think of what she’s had to put up with. Let’s just think COVID with Ryan. It’s amazing.” Speaking of the gift he will get for Ryan on his birthday, Hugh said he has chosen the game of Ding Dong Ditch. It is a prank when you would knock on someone’s door and then run away before them opening it. Well, we have to wait and see what kind of surprise awaits for Ryan Reynolds on his 44th birthday from Hugh Jackman.