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Here’s Why Jay Cutler Fans Criticize Kristin Cavallari

Mom-of-three Kristin Cavallari shared an adorable photo with her children as she celebrated her first Mother's Day after Jay Cutler later filed for divorce. Check out why Cutler’s fans slammed.

Kristin Cavallari, 33, posted the sweetest message about Mother’s Day as she was celebrating the holiday with her children! On May 10, the reality television star took to Instagram to post an adorable family picture of herself and the three children she shares with Jay Cutler.

“Everything made sense once I become a mom to these 3. Being their mom is the greatest gift. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there,” she wrote in the caption for the picture where Kristin is seen with her sons Jaxon, 6, and Camden, 7, and daughter Saylor, 4 enjoying at beach.

Also, Jay Culter‘s Instagram handle @IfJayHadInstagram posted a tribute to Cavallari for the special occasion on Sunday, and supporters of the ex-NFL star were baffled as he is allegedly not running the account. Because Cavallari, 33, revealed to be behind the photos in 2018.  “I think there needs to be a little clarification on Jay’s Instagram,” she wrote at the time. “It’s not him running it. It’s me. It’s what Jay would have if he had Instagram.”

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms. These three little ones picked a good one,” read the caption while the photo featured the three children of Cutler and Cavallari: Camden, 7, Jaxon, 6, and Saylor, 4.

Fans of Jay Cutler were quick to bash his estranged wife, Kristin Cavallari, for a strange Mother’s Day post that appeared over the weekend.

A fan called Cavallari’s alleged tribute to herself  “gross.” One person wrote, “This is really gross,”  “If jay had instagram he wouldn’t post this. Tell your media team this post is insensitive and disrespectful to Jay,” “Kristin, babe. We know you run this account. Happy Mother’s Day though,”   another user said, “YOU WON’T FOOL US KRISTIN,” someone else called out, and last one, “Kristin, get off his account.”

In 2013 Jay and Kristin married after about three years of dating. In 2011, they initially ended their engagement but reconciled. After six years of marriage, Jay filed for divorce on 21 April. Kristin filed a counter on April 24 and the two confirmed the news public via Instagram on April 26.

Their split comes to longtime fans as a shock, as their legal proceedings continue to take place in the public eye. As Jay and Kristin continue to handle this rough patch in their lives, one thing has been made clear of the documents; both agreed “that this parenting plan is in the best interest of their minor children.”

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