Grimes Unveils Her Bandaged Face After Admitting She Wants ‘Elf Ear Surgery’

Grimes recently unveils her bandaged face and fans speculate and guess she had 'elf ears' after expressing her desire to get modifiers.

Grimes recently took to her social media and showed off her bandaged face in a selfie while revealing she ‘did something crazy.’ The singer went makeup free as she lay with her eye closed in a blue hospital garment. Grimes looked relaxed as bandages covered her swollen head, chin and forehead.

Alongside the photo, Grime penned: ‘I did something crazy!’ and later shared a long tweet explaining how she completed her ‘last song in the plastic surgery clinic’. She explained, ‘Album is done we’re mixing. My friend and I perfected the last song in the plastic surgery clinic cuz they wouldn’t let me leave and we were laughing that this was the most Hollywood moment of all time. ‘I have 20 songs so maybe BOOK 1 and BOOK 2? Deciding format/ tracklist’.

Though it is not clear what work she has actually done, fans were quick to speculate and guess she had ‘elf ears’ after expressing her desire to get modifiers. Grimes previously teased her desire to get ‘elf ear modifiers’ and asked her fans for recommendations of a doctor. She said, “2 years ago I made an appt with a great plastic surgeon, thought I might want to change things up by my mid-30s, but then I forgot and never thought about what I should do.”

Grimes added, ‘Any face mods y’all think would look good on me? (Elf ears isn’t an option, that’s a separate quest).’ In another tweet, she shared her interest in getting ‘vampire teeth caps’ in either Los Angeles or Austin, Texas. She also asked her fans for recommendations on someone to perform elf ear modifications, though she added, ‘Still debating this surgery cuz cartilage doesn’t heal so it requires permanent stitches.’

She added that it ‘just seems unhealthy how every1 in media hides body mods,then ppl feel self conscious,’ though it wasn’t clear if she was referring to more traditional modifications and cosmetic surgeries, or changes outside the spectrum of human appearances. ‘Im also less interested in conventional beauty (I will keep my nose),’ she added, before asking her fans for recommendations on procedures she could get and noting that her plastic surgeon is Dr. Chia Chi Kao.

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