Fans Are Super Impressed By Kevin Bacon’s ‘Morning Mango Routine’

Kevin Bacon shared his little morning mango preparation. Kevin can be seen whispering as his wife Kyra Sedgwick is sleeping in another room.

Kevin Bacon loves mangoes so much so that it has become his morning routine. In a recent social media post, Kevin shared his little mango preparation; the actor very passionately shares his method behind ‘Morning Mango Routine’.

In the video shared by the Tremors actor, he can be seen whispering as his wife and actor, Kyra Sedgwick is sleeping in the other room, the main goal of the Kevin is to just share his mango routine with his fans, sharing the video, Kevin wrote, “Morning Mango. Forgive the whispering, someone (and I’ll name names here @kikkosedg) was still asleep. I often like to have a little #MorningMango. What’s your favorite fruit trick? Hope you enjoy the accidental #ASMR.”

In the video, he first slices the mango very perfectly even he looks surprised, next he squeezes fresh lime, followed by chili powder along with some sea salt.

Fans are in love with Kevin’s ASMR style video. After the preparation, the way footloose star takes a giant bite from the mango looks just hilarious as well as sweet, as he’s just enjoying his morning breakfast.

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“Kevin bacon ASMR… I didn’t know I needed this until now,” said one commenter. Another added, “Your voice is so soothing when you whisper like this,” while one smitten fan simply implored, “Yes Kevin. Whisper to me.” Still, another remarked that Bacon’s calming narration had a medicinal benefit and “lowered my blood pressure.”

One thankful follower even suggested Bacon was the perfect rescuer for a riotous year shaken by the global pandemic, he wrote, “After seeing this I know 2020 will get better. @kevinbacon is the hero we need and love.”