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Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness leaks Online, Gives Major SPOILER

Fans are just a week away from The Multiverse Of Madness release, Marvel seems to have accidentally released a massive cameo from the movie.

The upcoming Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness is scheduled to release this Friday. And somehow, a few scenes from the upcoming The Multiverse of Madness leaked online, teasing major cameos. In one of the leaked scenes from the upcoming Marvel movie, it seems to confirm that Krasinski will play Mr Fantastic, the iconic elastic character and leader of the Fantastic 4 from the Marvel comic books.

In the stills released, Krasinski stood in the forefront of an image while several other Marvel characters backed him up. He wore a blue and black latex suit, the character’s iconic look, with a big ‘4’ directly in the middle of his chest. Meanwhile, the characters in the background are Captain Marvel, though not the Brie Larson version of the character, Captain Carter and Black Bolt, as per TMZ.

Legendary actor Patrick Stewart will reportedly reprise his role as Charles Xavier from the X-Men franchise for the movie. The film, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will follow Dr Stephen Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch after he uses a forbidden spell to walk into alternate universes. However, a threat emerges that will force Strange and his trusty ally Wong (Benedict Wong) to seek out the help of the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

However, fans have thought Krasinski would play a great Mr Fantastic for a long time with many of them photoshopping the costume on pictures of him. In addition, the A Quiet Place director also has ties to the MCU. Years ago, the husband of Emily Blunt auditioned to play Captain America and got as far as a screen test before the role went to Chris Evans. Krasinski even put on the Captain America suit though he explained seeing one Marvel actor’s ripped body really put a damper on the situation.

However, while sharing a video on Twitter, Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness director, Jame Gunn, addressed the Marvel movie’s online leaks. His post includes a clip from one of the Church of the Rock’s pop-culture-inspired plays in Winnipeg, Canada, which sees Loki poised to crucify Iron Man set to R.E.M’s ‘It’s The End of the World’ and ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba. Alongside the fake clip, Gunn jokingly wrote, “Who leaked this Dr Strange 2 footage? Not cool.”

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Doctor Strange 2 Leak Ahead:

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