BTS’s Jungkook Apologizes To Suga And ARMY For Forgetting Lyrics During Seoul D-Day Concert; “I Messed Up A Bit, I Feel Really Sorry”

Jungkook apologised to the BTS Army through a Weverse live session, expressing his regret for forgetting the lyrics during his performance.

BTS Army was ecstatic as K-pop idol Jungkook joined Suga as a special guest on the first day of his D-Day concert in Seoul. On the memorable evening of August 4, 2023, a remarkable event unfolded at the iconic Olympic Gymnastics Arena, also known as the KSPO Dome, in Seoul, South Korea. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as BTS’s Jungkook took the stage, captivating the audience with an electrifying performance of his latest solo digital single, Seven, as well as joining Suga for a ‘Burn It’ performance.

Following the concert, Jungkook spoke to the BTS ARMY through a Weverse live session, expressing his regret for forgetting the lyrics during his performance and mentioning the possibility of taking the stage once more at Suga’s upcoming concert the following day.

For his regret over his lyrical slip, Jungkook openly admitted, “I believe my nerves got the best of me, causing me to stumble with the lyrics. I’m deeply apologetic to our ARMY and Yoongi Hyung. I’m genuinely disheartened by this. It’s driving me a bit crazy. To all ARMYs, I extend my sincere apologies. In the future, if I get another chance to perform, I’m determined not to falter. Despite putting in extensive practice, it’s baffling how I could forget. My mind just went completely blank.”

Expressing his desire to perform once again on the second day, Junkook said, “Should I do it once more tomorrow? Is there a potential opportunity for me to give it another shot tomorrow? Is it worth requesting a second chance? Perhaps I’ll reach out to the company since my schedule is clear for tomorrow. To any company staff watching at this moment, would it be feasible for me to perform again tomorrow?”

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