BTS V-Park Seo Joon Vibes On ‘Punjabi Song’, Fans React To Viral Video

A video is now going viral in which BTS V and K-drama actor Park Seo Joon were seen vibing on a Punjabi song. Here's how Indian army has reacted-

BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung was recently seen vibing on a Punjabi song with his friend and popular Korean actor, Park Seo Joon. The viral video of the two Korean celebrities vibing on Indian Punjabi song is now making rounds on the internet, here’s how the Indian army and fans have reacted to the video-

The Indian K-drama fans and BTS army lost their calm after a video of BTS member and idol Kim Taehyung aka V and his friend and actor Park Seo Joon went viral in which the two Korean celebs were seen vibing on an Indian Punjabi beat amidst the crowd.

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In the viral video, BTS idol V was seen wearing a white hat and a white shirt with a pair of denim as he vibed and danced on the Indian Punjabi song. On the other hand, Taehyung’s friend and actor Park Seo Joon was seen standing on the side and vibing to the Punjabi beat. Watch the viral video here-

Reacting to the viral video a segment of Indian fans and netizens shared their reactions. A user wrote, “Seems like Kim Taehyung liked the traditional Punjabi song.”, “LOOK AT TAEHYUNG VIBING TO A PUNJABI SONG OMG”, “TAEHYUNG PUNJABI A WIN FOR PUNJABIS (me)”.

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Another user tweeted, “OMGGG TAEHYUNG VIBING TO PUNJABI BEAT CAN U HEAR MY SCREAM??????”. “Taehyung vibing to a punjabi song can’t blame him those are too good Desi Armys We are winning”.

BTS V’s Upcoming Songs

Meanwhile, BTS member and idol V aka Kim Taehyung is currently gearing up for his album, “Layover” which has a total of six songs including, “Slow Dancing”, “Slow Dancing Piano Version”, “Love Me Again”, “Rainy Days”, “Blue”, and “For Us”.

Wooga Squad Members

BTS V is also close friends with actor Park Seo Joon. The two are members of the Wooga squad. The Wooga Squad is one of the most popular friend groups in the industry including BTS idol V aka Kim Taehyung, Park Seo-joon, and Park Hyung-sik among others.

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