BTS’ RM Teases His ‘New And Unexpected’ Collaborative Solo Song

RM announced plans to release a 'new song' in 2022, though it's unclear if he was talking about solo songs or music with BTS.

BTS’ RM has recently teased his next solo project. The “Butter” group front-man told fans he’s currently working on solo music as well as new BTS material during a Livestream on the platform V Live, teasing collaborations from artists you may not expect to see alongside the performer.

RM said, “About the new playlist, I’m getting ready and I’m working on it.” “I’m inviting really interesting and unexpected people to my album,” he added. Whether it’s a mixtape or an album, the upcoming record will mark RM’s first solo project since 2018’s Mono and his second overall, having released a self-titled mixtape in 2015.

Meanwhile, during the Livestream, he also announced plans to release a ‘new song’ in 2022, though it’s unclear if he was talking about solo material or music with BTS. “I have no idea when the next song will be out, but I’m trying hard to release it within this year,” he dished before revealing he hopes to ‘do well’ with the project, which he claimed will feature collaborations with “various people in a new and unexpected way.”

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The singer then detailed, “It’s going well. I believe it’ll be cool, I believe I’m making many good songs. I have a high standard.” Earlier this month, BTS delivered a show-stopping James Bond-esque performance of Butter at the 2022 Grammy Awards, where they lost the best pop duo/group performance award.

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