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BTS Army In Panic As Jungkook Has Done THIS On Social Media

BTS Singer Jungkook's fans are worried about this reason. BTS ARMY has expressed their concern over the same.

Suddenly, on Monday BTS singer Jungkook deleted all his Instagram posts which left his fans worried about him. There are many questions arising in the mind of the ARMY which is leading to chaos in social media. Fans are expressing their tension regarding the same. His fans are really worried and wondering what led to Jungkook deleting all the Instagram pics. 

This weird act of Jungkook has left the BTS ARMY in panic. The heart-throb started to delete his photos one by one and then started removing footage that includes photos, and videos from his social media. By 30 May 2022, all Jungkook’s Instagram videos and photos were deleted completely. His account was empty by Monday which left his million followers, as well as the BTS ARMY, confused. Havoc has been created among the fans.

All the worried fans expressed their shock and concern for the world-famous singer on social media. One fan wrote, “I think he just didn’t like his Insta pics anymore and chose to delete them. A lot of people do that all the time.” Another commented, “Jungkook!!?? What is happening?” While a fan wrote, “Doesn’t make sense to delete all of that, including personal photos and videos over a possible collab. It does seem strange. Hope all is ok.” 

Whereas many fans believed that it was part of the promotions of BTS’ upcoming album Proof. A fan asked, “No posts yet/Yet to Come. coincidence??? I think not!! #BTS_Proof.” Another wrote, “I wonder is he doing what western artists do usually before they release albums. Or is his account got [email protected]?”

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