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Brad Pitt’s Beach Home Faces ‘Threat To Life’

Brad Pitt's beach home has been added to an evacuation warning zone as a wildfire fire blazes through an area of California.

Brad Pitt’s beach house is under threat from a nearby wildfire. His multi-million-pound Californian property is dangerously close to the ongoing Alisal wildfire which is threatening the area.

The 57-year-old bought the mansion in 2000. However, the extreme fire has left the house at risk after it was included in the evacuation warning zone, which indicates that there is a potential risk to life and property. The blazing flames started on Monday afternoon and had already engulfed over 15,000 acres of land by Wednesday evening.

A source in Hollywood told The Sun that brad pitt and jennifer aniston used to spend a lot of time at the property before they split. He reportedly refused to get rid of it after marrying Angelina Jolie, even though the actress wasn’t keen on the property. He also refused to sell the mansion after marrying his second wife Angelina Jolie as he has a ‘sentimental’ attachment, even though she wasn’t a fan of the property. The source said, “Brad still goes there from time to time, but now when they visit Brad, it’s mostly from his California home to his family’s home. Still, he loves the place and has a really sentimental attachment.

Meanwhile, the source also said, “Angelina Jolie (brat pitt and angelina joile) wasn’t a big fan, but Brad refused to get rid of it.” He further added, “He enjoys letting friends (brad pitt friends) and family stay there even if he doesn’t have a lot of time in his schedule to get up there as often as he’d like.” Recently, he is known for having Missouri families use it as their vacation home when visiting him.

Although, changing winds of up to 70mph have caused the blaze to continue ravaging the area and hindered any efforts to bring it to a halt. Fire crews have been forced to deploy tanker airplanes in their efforts to low the flames and reduce their threat. Such is its ferociousness, Highway 101 from Las Cruce to Goleta has been closed for safety measures.

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However, the area hadn’t burned since 1955, according to the conservative youth organization. Fire engines were on the ranch property, and fire retardant will be sprayed around its structures, the foundation said in a statement. It noted that helicopters have filled up with water from one of the ranch’s two lakes. “Firefighters working in steep, rugged terrain got help from more than a dozen water-dropping air tankers and helicopters that returned to the skies amid calmer daytime winds. But changing winds could keep aircraft grounded,” said Los Padres National Forest Fire Chief Jim Harris. However, it is expected that the fire will be controlled.

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