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Popular Boyband ‘Why Don’t We’ Claim They Were Held As Hostages By Production

The boy band Why Don't We claimed that they were forced to live in a toxic arrangement for years. The group wrote on Instagram on Thursday that one of their managers had held them as hostages.

The American boyband Why Don’t We alleged that its production company had forced them into a toxic living arrangement that left them feeling like hostages. On Thursday, they wrote a lengthy statement on Instagram. The group claimed that one of their managers for Signature Entertainment Partners didn’t allow them to leave the house. They also said they had used alarms on the doors and windows to prevent them from leaving the room. The band also alleged that the manager subjected them to verbal abuse and even limited their food intake to the point. Some of them also suffered from malnourishment and developed eating disorders.

The Instagram post begins, “As many of you are aware, the unfortunate truth of the mental, emotional, and financial abuse we have suffered at the hands of our production company has recently come to light.” However, the members of Boyband had earlier considered not disclose. They tried to address the situation behind the scenes. But this time, they have opted to take the conflict public.

They continued, “We have matured to the point where we now realize that suffering in silence is no longer an option, it is not healthy for either us or our fans.” The post further reads, “Without a doubt, publicly sharing our truth makes us feel more vulnerable, however, it is a step we are forced to take to provide the world with access to the harsh ‘behind the scenes that we endured as young teens where verbal abuse, malnourishment, and ultimate control were positioned as the price of success.’

Why Don’t We posted on Instagram

The Boyband ‘Why Don’t We’ includes – Jack Avery, 22, Corbyn Besson, 22, Zach Herron, 20; Jonah Marais, 23 and Daniel Seavey, 22. When the band was formed, most of the members were minor they further emphasized.
They wrote that they were young and impressionable. Also, they added that they were trusting the result of being brought up in loving, supportive families. It seems like their positive upbringings appear to have initially left them vulnerable. The singers further claimed that the producer controlled them 24/7. He also set an alarm that would go off if any door or window was opened. They were not given the security code for the alarm. They were essentially hostages in their own homes.

On Thursday, Billboard reported that the group filed a petition with the California Labor Commission on September 2. They accused Loeffler and his colleague Steven Miller of working as talent agents without a license from the state’s Labor Commissioner.

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