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Amanda Seyfried Drops Rare ‘Mean Girls’ Throwback Evoking Nostalgia

Hollywood actor and star Amanda Seyfried posts rare Mean Girls (2004) throwback group pic marking 17 years of the hit teen romantic dramedy movie.

Surely it’s been a really long time since the days of fetch and grool which marks 17 years of this iconic teen hit movie today and making it more special, Hollywood starlet Amanda Seyfried drops rare Mean Girls throwback evoking nostalgia.

Its been 17 glorious years to the iconic and cult teen movie ‘Mean Girls’, which was the biggest hit of the year 2004 and making it more special for fans who still love the film even today, Amanda Seyfried drops rare ‘Mean Girls’ throwback evoking nostalgia.

All set and geared up to take her fans on a sweet trip refreshing their teenage memories related to the North Shore high school, Amanda Seyfried drops rare ‘Mean Girls’ throwback evoking nostalgia.

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The diva and hollywood actor who essayed the character of Karen in the hit 2004 teen dramedy film Mean Girls took to her official social media handle on instagram recently dropped an adorable and sweet throwback picture dated to the year 2003 in which there are several key cast members who are seen hanging out whilst their filming.

Amanda gave a quirkily cool caption to the pic which read, “#FBF weekends in 2003”. Clearly we all can see that it’s a physical photograph taken on a disposable camera which was earliest edition of cameras back then.

In the said gram picture, we can see the entire main cast is all laughs and smiles in which Amanda is seen standing besides her co-stars Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Bennett, Daniel Franzese, and Lizzy Caplan and also most importantly here each and everything about the photo right from the fashion followed by the hairstyles along with the ambience and room décor screamed early 2000s which is why the nostalgia here is real.

Within just a few hours of writing the cool caption and dropping the epic throwback pic, Amanda’s social media post instantly raked in almost 6,00, 000 likes with her comments section getting flooded with fans and stars expressing their joy and happiness also inclusive of the tagged cast members.

Daniel, who played Damian, wrote, ‘You look just as young and beautiful still!’ also adding in another comment that read, ‘Ohhh emmm geeee!’. Jonathan Bennett who played Aaron Samuels in the film described the group as ‘babies’ while Lacey Chabert fondly recalled the ‘so many good memories’ the cast once shared, whilst Lindsay also commented, writing, ‘Such a fun time! A great team!’.

Source: Amanda Seyfried Instagram. She posted this totally unseen and rare throwback pic from Mean Girls marking 17 super successful years of this iconic hit movie.

Since its debut in 2004, Mean Girls has continued to live on in many diverse forms which are a direct-to-TV sequel, a Broadway musical, and there’s even an upcoming movie-musical adaptation in the works.

As Daniel once said, Mean Girls might even be around in a post-apocalyptic world. We’re pretty sure Regina George wouldn’t have it any other way.

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