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After Rihanna, Many Celebs Extend Support To Farmers Protests

After globally loved singer Rihanna's hard hitting tweet in support of the Indian farmers protests in India, many other international celebs came out in support of Indian farmers protesting in India.

The ongoing farmers protests in India which started last year in December 2020, refuses to stop now and is making waves internationally in Hollywood as well. Latest update in same here is that after Rihanna, many celebs extend support to farmers protests.

The same raging controversy in India due to which there was an ugly and nasty social media war between Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut is getting murkier with each passing day which has now captured international attention as well since after Rihanna, many celebs extend support to farmers protests.

It is the truth that globally loved Hollywood pop singer Rihanna’s hard hitting tweet about the farmers protests in India indeed has invited ire and wrath of desi netizens and social media users. But most importantly now, after Rihanna, many celebs extend support to farmers protests.

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Post Rihanna’s tweet about ongoing farmers protests in India, other international Hollywood celebs like Amanda Cerny, Lilly Singh, Greta Thunberg and Jay Sean also have come out in solidarity and supported the farmers protests in India.

Also, it has been about 70 days now since the farmers have been relentlessly protesting against our Indian government’s three farm laws and in this, many B town celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh and others came out in support of the farmers.

If we speak about the international attention especially in Hollywood it caught after Rihanna’s tweet, then well-known American youtuber Amanda Cerny taking to her official insta handle, wrote, “The world is watching. You don’t have to be Indian or Punjabi or South Asian to understand the issue. All you have to do is care about humanity. Always demand freedom of speech, freedom of press, basic human and civil rights-equity and dignity for workers. #FarmersProtest #internetshutdown”.

A social media enthusiast then answered to the post saying that she might see a huge fall and drop in number of followers after this post, to which Amanda replied, “quality over quantity”.

Source: Amanda Cerny Instagram. She shared this post on her handle supporting the farmers protests in India.

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg tweeted, “We stand in solidarity with the #FarmersProtest in India”.

Source: Greta Thunberg twitter. She shared this picture and came came out in support of farmers protests in India.

Renowned American rapper / singer Jay Sean taking to his official instagram handle posted a picture and in the caption wrote, “It’s one of the largest protests EVER IN HISTORY, and hardly any mainstream coverage. I live in the US and I’ve barely seen it on the news or mainstream media. I don’t know what needs to be done to raise more awareness and have more eyes on this but I’ve seen videos that are far too graphic and heartbreaking to post. People that are old enough to be my grandparents being trampled over with no remorse or regard. Pls go to my story where I will post a petition link and something actionable. #istandwithfarmers #farmersprotest”.

Source: Jay Sean Instagram. he shared the picture from farmers protests in India and wrote a caption supporting them.

Also, globally loved Youtuber Lilly Singh shared American singer / rapper Jay Sean’s post in her instagram story and came out in support of the ongoing farmers protests in India by using the hashtag #IStandWithFarmers.

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