5 ways Julia Roberts’ 90s style is hot right now

Here are 5 ways in which Julia Roberts’ 90s style is now trending and is also considered hot.

The PW star Julia Roberts looks nothing more than a 25-year-old lady. Even after so many years, her style from the 90s is still followed by a lot of ladies. It is not a surprise that Julia Roberts was the style icon if the 90s.

Julia was so influential with her style in the 90s that even after more than two decades being passed by,  some of her styles are still remembered and followed.

Here are the 5 of her styles that are influencing us all even today.

The curly and bushy hairstyle was not much followed in the 90s, but today it is one of the most trending hairstyles.

Casuals on the red carpet and other different events are now in trend, but the above picture shows us how Julia slew the look in the 90s.

The above straight cut ankle-length jeans were fancied by many people when this photo went viral, but today every other girl is seen wearing such types of denim.

This photo shows us where the thigh-high cowboy boots gained so much fame. Also, the tummy ring mini top from the picture is the trend today. 

All the social media filters are filled with flower crowns today. Even many ladies’ events are themed with such crowns. But we can see the key to the origin of the flower crowns.