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10 Unknown Book To Movie Changes In Twilight Breaking Dawn

This is an intriguing and interesting unknown bit of news scoop here about the Twilight film series wherein these are 10 unheard book to movie changes in Twilight Breaking Dawn.

A common and generally seen trend in best-selling novel series adaptation into movies is dividing the final book into two movie parts and so now, let’s take a glance at 10 unknown book to movie changes in Twilight Breaking Dawn.

Makers and creators of this super successful supernatural movie series hopped on this usual trend by deciding to split final and longest book into two film parts and so for movie aficionados and netizens who still fall in love with Edward and Bella’s timeless supernatural love story even today we walk down the memory lane and get a quick look at 10 unknown book to movie changes in Twilight Breaking Dawn.

For ardent fans of Twilight franchise who still love Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s love and chemistry with each other and wish to see this ex golden Hollywood couple of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a film together sometime in future, these are the 10 unknown book to movie changes in Twilight Breaking Dawn.

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1. Edward’s Past – In first Twilight book, we saw Edward telling Bella about his past wherein he mentions about being a young vampire who wanted to taste human blood and later he killed murderers and rapists but the first film Twilight skips this conversation which is seen in Breaking Dawn Part 1 where fans see Edward telling Bella about his past on the night before their wedding nuptials and the dialogue is, “I used to be vampire Batman, see you at the altar”.

2. Bella’s dream – In Breaking Dawn novel, we see Bella having dreams of having a baby who she wants to protect at all costs from the Volturi but tweaking this part in Breaking Dawn Part 1 we see Bella dreaming about getting married on the pile of several dead bodies of her friends and family which indicates of her fears of not being able to restrain herself once she turns into vampire.

3. Reception Speeches – The sweet and funny loving wedding speeches seen in Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie during Edward and Bella’s wedding reception part were not there in the book at all but this part in film signifies about Bella leaving her father and friends behind and moving ahead in life by marrying Edward who is a vampire.

4. Jacob’s Pack – In book, we see Jacob and his pack’s dynamics get explored in much depth where they spend time in their wolf form but in the movie, we see some parts being removed for time constraints and the conversation between Jacob and Leah happen in their human forms.

5. Alice and Jacob – The chapters in Breaking Dawn book show about Jacob’s softening opinion towards the Cullens and one unexpected friendship develops between Jacob and Alice and Alice can’t have visions of beings she hasn’t experienced yet and she can’t see both Renesmee and Jacob but even though being around him lessens her headache and they bond a bit together over Bella and her pregnancy’s fear which is not shown in the film.

6. Jacob’s imprinting – In book, Jacob’s imprinting on Renesmee is shown from his point of view where he cites this feeling as different from all the other feelings felt for Bella, his father, family and replaces it with love for the baby and in movie, we see a totally unique version showing a creepy CGI teenage version of Renesmee in future.

7. Reaction to Renesmee’s name – In book, Bella shares with all about combining Renee (Her mom) and Esme’s (Edward’s mom) names into Renesmee for their daughter and all are excited for it but in film, we see all nearly same but just that its Edward who is most onboard with name Renesmee to show him coming to terms with pregnancy.

8. The Cullens vs Wolves – In Breaking Dawn Part 1, Sam and his pack come for trying to kill the baby which is a threat to them for its half vampire and all Cullens fight them till Jacob imprints on Renesmee who then tells Sam, but in book there’s no mention of fight, despite tension between Cullens and the wolf pack.

9. Renesmee’s Growth – In both book and movie, we see Renesmee’s growth is highly accelerated to the point wherein she grows inches in weeks and looks like a two year old even though few months old and in movie its accelerated much more wherein makers used effects to Mackenzie Foy’s face on younger actresses and by end of film, she’s played by Mackenzie Foy who’s much older that the two.

10. Alice’s Visions – As told earlier as well, Alice’s visions work in certain way with its own set of limitations of what she can see in future where she can’t see anything if a werewolf or half vampire is involved as she’s never really experienced it herself but in Breaking Dawn Part 2 finale, tweaking it a bit for cinematic ending wherein fans who saw film in theatres will remember shock of seeing Carlisle beheaded and deaths of Jasper, Leah and Seth that happens in Alice’s vision which she shows to Aro which couldn’t happen but since vampires and werewolves don’t exist fans can let this one go.

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