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Kristen Robert’s Make Out For Twilight Auditions Went Bit Far

Unknown tit bit of an untold story here is that Kristen Robert’s make out for Twilight auditions went bit far during the chemistry read sessions with Twilight series director Catherine Hardwicke in 2007.

This is another unknown and interesting fact coming out from the cult and most successful Twilight film franchise in Hollywood dating back to their first ever audition days which is that Kristen Robert’s make out for Twilight auditions went bit far.

Hollywood stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson played the characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in the supernatural film series Twilight with finesse and perfection where fans all over the globe ended up loving their on screen chemistry a lot and now we get to know that this is because both of them had that crackling chemistry right from the beginning which takes back to the audition days wherein Kristen Robert’s make out for Twilight auditions went bit far.

Most of the ardent film fans and movie aficionados were really happy and also knew that this on screen couple also were dating each other whilst shooting the Twilight film series and but in reality they both knew each other even before they came as co-stars on the filming sets together in the franchise and now this is indeed an interesting and unknown tit bit that Kristen Robert’s make out for Twilight auditions went bit far.

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The sparks were flying even before they both came on the sets together. The story goes that when both Kristen and Robert met each other, that time Kristen was already finalized for essaying the role of Bella in the film series based on the best-selling novel and since she developed a good rapport with film director Catherine Hardwicke, she was allowed to sit in and give her inputs to the actors who were competing to play her love interest and the male lead in the film.  Soon they started culling out from the list, and the list got narrowed down to very few actors, that is when the director Catherine decided to have a chemistry read session wherein they actually acted out a scene in order to see if there is a chemistry or rapport between two actors which could translate on screen as well and this is a common norm followed for big budget films.

The way the Twilight series helmer Catherine did the chemistry read session with Kristen and Robert is totally unconventional and unorthodox as well.

In an old interview with MTV, the noted film maker Catherine shared details about how she actually had Robert and Kristen kiss each other on her bed at her home to see if the sparks could fly or not. Explaining this part, she said, “We did the audition — the chemistry read — here to see if these two would have chemistry. To see if their kiss would be exciting and cool. They came to my house — they had just met. I said, ‘I know you just met, but I need you to do this scene. We’re gonna do it in my bedroom, on the bed — and you’re really gonna kiss”.

Speaking about Robert’s initial nervousness about doing a total kissing scene with a stranger co actor, Catherine told, “He was a bit nervous, because suddenly you’ve just met a girl and you’re going to start making out with the person — and someone is filming”.

Also opening up on how his nervousness didn’t stop him from going for it who went a bit wild in the first attempt, the director added, “I had to tell him, ‘This is going to be a PG-13 movie!’ and have him settle down a little bit, afterwards, Kristen and I were looking at each other like, Whoa!”.

Finally, also spilling the beans on how both of them had to do three takes in order to totally nail the kiss that Catherine was looking for, the director asserted, “They had to do it three times. The first time, they went a little too far, and I was like, ‘I can’t show this to anybody at the studio!’ After we finished the whole thing and we had met bachelors one, two, three and four, Kristen said, ‘It has to be Rob.’ She basically threatened me”.

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