When Shiney Ahuja Was Mocked In Micromax Ad For His Rape Case

Actor Shiney Ahuja had sued Micromax for its controversial "Bai" ad.

Shiney Ahuja won the “Filmfare Best Male Debut Award” when he first entered in Bollywood in 2006. Delivering remarkable performances in Gangster, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Woh Lamhe and Life In A Metro, Shiney was looking at a shining filmy career. However, an incident in 2009 changed his entire life. He was arrested on charges of raping, detaining, and threatening his 19-year-old domestic servant. Later, the victim went back on her testimony and told the court that she was never raped. However, the judge believed that the maid falsely testified under pressure and, in 2011, Ahuja was sentenced to seven years of prison. This is one of the most controversial incidents in Bollywood. And did you know that cellphone company Micromax made an advertisement that openly mocked Shiney Ahuja?

The ad showed a young girl saying with excitement, “Shiney bought me a new Bling (cellphone) and then another girl said, “He bought me one too” while flaunting her handset. Immediately, a phone rang and the maid was seen possessing a similar handset. As the two girls looked at her in shock, the maid said, “What? sahab bought me one.”

This ad was rolled out in 2011. As it goes viral again on Instagram, people have called out the ad agency for mocking a rape case. A user said, “This ad is insensitive not only for actor but for that unknown maid too. Why make fun of her experience for sale of product promotion? There are literally thousands of ways to promote products but this ad agency chose the sickest and triggering incident. For these people tragedy is a market.”

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Netizens came out in Shiney’s support. A user wrote, “While most people find this funny, they forget to realise a false charge ruined his whole career.”

Another fan said, “I loved Shiney Ahuja. What an intense actor. I am glad he sued the ad makers, totally deserved it.”

Shiney Ahuja had filed a defamation case against the company stating that the ad “amounted to wilful character assassination and contempt of court”. As a result, Micromax had to withdraw the controversial ad.

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