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When Rishi Kapoor Blamed His Wife Neetu For His Flop Films

In his memoir, Rishi Kapoor had revealed thar he once blamed his wife for his flop films.

The talented and evergreen superstar Rishi Kapoor passed away a year ago after fighting a battle with cancer. Rishi Kapoor was a lucky man when it came to personal as well as professional life. He had a remarkable Bollywood career and also had a beautiful family. However, he had his own rough patches. He had a few failed films and even had a few bumps in his marriage with Neetu Singh.

There were times when Rishi Kapoor blamed his wife Neetu for his films. In his memoir titled Khullam Khulla – Rishi Kapoor Uncensored, Rishi candidly wrote about his relationship with his wife. He mentioned how she was someone who stayed with him despite him being a difficult husband. At times when his films were failing at the box office, he blamed his wife. He even refused to work on Yash Chopra’s 1976 film Kabhi Kabhie since Neetu had a meatier role than his. He said, “I felt Neetu had a more prominent role than I did. That’s why I had said to Yash Chopra, if you want me to do the film, give me Neetu’s role. Naturally, Yash-ji was confused.”

Despite several difficulties, the couple stayed together till the very end and supported each other.

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