When Rajinikanth’s Fans Threatened Violence Over ‘The Dirty Picture’: The Untold Link Between Rajini And Silk Smitha

The Film Centered Around Silk Smitha, A Bold Actress Who Defied Societal Norms Of Her Era, From Donning Bikinis To Performing Sensuous Scenes On-Screen

The superstar Rajinikanth is revered like a deity by his fans, who hold an unwavering devotion for him, willing to go to great lengths in his honor. This sentiment has been demonstrated time and again. Even now, with the release of his film “Jailer,” reports are emerging of his towering cutouts gracing cinema halls, accompanied by the pouring of milk and the performance of ceremonial rituals. His film releases are akin to festive celebrations for his fans.

However, there was a point in time when filmmaker Ekta Kapoor attempted to depict a character resembling Rajinikanth in one of her movies. This action stirred discontent among his fans, leading them to issue a stern warning to her.

The incident pertains to the movie “The Dirty Picture,” released in 2011. The film centered around Silk Smitha, a bold actress who defied societal norms of her era, from donning bikinis to performing sensuous scenes on-screen. The movie featured Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, and Emraan Hashmi in lead roles. Accusations arose that Naseeruddin’s character resembled Rajinikanth, as he played an aging superstar in love with Silk Smitha.

This portrayal incited anger among Rajinikanth’s fans, who expressed their frustration and even threatened violence. They demanded the removal of any ‘objectionable’ elements from the film that might allude to the actor. Ekta’s production house denied any direct correlation between Naseeruddin’s character and Rajinikanth, clarifying that Naseeruddin’s role portrayed an aging superstar, whereas Rajinikanth was relatively young during his collaborations with Silk Smitha.

It’s worth noting that in the past, Rajinikanth’s name has been linked with Silk Smitha through gossip, hinting at a romantic affair. They shared the screen in several films such as “Jeet Humari” (1983), “Thanga Magan” (1983), “Paayum Puli” (1983), and “Sivappu Sooriyan” (1983). Despite rampant rumors, neither Rajinikanth nor Silk Smitha ever confirmed the alleged relationship.

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