Vivek Agnihotri Walks Out Of Interview When Asked About BJP Promoting His Film ‘The Kashmir Files’ And Even Threatens The Journalist

The filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri walks out of interview when asked about BJP promoting his film 'The Kashmir Files' and even threatens the journalist

Director Vivek Agnihotri has been vocal on social media and in interviews, often criticizing Bollywood since the release of his film The Kashmir Files. He uses his platform to express his views on the industry’s approach to socially and politically relevant topics. However, many times people don’t understand his opinions, and he is considered foolish. The director, who has returned with a web series titled The Kashmir Files Unreported, is making waves on the internet. A video of him is circulating, where he abruptly ended an interview midway after being questioned about the BJP’s promotion of his film The Kashmir Files.

 In the Video, the Interviewer asks him, there is a lot of concern about that The Kashmir Files is anti-Muslim violence, what is his opinion about it? To this, the filmmaker replied, “he is not answerable to that.“ She said in the middle, but it is your movie, and picked it that particular way. He said, “That is the movie has released today, and people doing that’s indian culture went there, emotions out in the cinema hall, when the big stars come, people dance in the cinema hall, sometimes they abused the villain in the cinema hall, that’s indian culture, because your alien to indian culture, your saying that, so so many people love the film, cried in the film.“

The journalist said, “But I am asking you, the people who are chanting anti-Muslim sentiments, are you not concerned?” He replied, “Yes, of course, I am concerned. If you don’t know, I have also tweeted about it. I said, ‘This is wrong, this did not happen.’ However, I am not answerable for everything that is happening in the world. My film was a game-changing revolutionary piece. For the first time, somebody came out with the courage to make a film on the genocide of Hindus in India, which is their homeland. If there is repatriation and a few people are raising slogans, for 30 years nobody said anything. Let them talk.”

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When she asked him, “Since the 90s, the BJP has been talking about the Kashmiris; it’s not an untold story,” he replied, “I am not a BJP spokesperson. I have nothing to do with that.” He denied that the government promoted his film and also refuted the claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promoted it.

In the video, shortly thereafter, a member of Vivek’s team can be observed attempting to halt the Interview. The filmmaker’s voice can be heard, as he tells the interviewer, “I have understood, where you are going and where you are coming from. I am pretty experienced.” He also warned her, if she shows it in the wrong light, then he will have to react.

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