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Actress Urvashi Sharma Effortlessly Lifts 80 Kilos! Video Goes Viral On Social Media

A mother, a wife, and a Beauty Queen, Urvashi's choice are to keep herself fit during the pandemic.

Actress Urvashi Sharma, the wife of actor-producer Sachiin Joshi, is sweating it out at the gym. And how!

A mother, a wife, and a Beauty Queen, Urvashi’s choice are to keep herself fit during the pandemic.

Urvashi keeps surprising the fans with her fitness posts on social media.
Recently, a post of Urvashi is creating a sensation online where the actress is seen lifting 80 kg weight on a squat rack with effortless ease.

In the past, Urvashi also created a stir when she appeared in the television show Amma, where she essayed the central character. But the actress has always prioritized family over glitz and glam and is the driving force behind the social initiatives of the Big Brother Foundation.

Apart from this, fitness is on Urvashi’s priority list. Like Urvashi, there is Bollywood sensation Malaika Arora who maintains her daily health routine while balancing everything. Malaika also sweats for hours in the gym to maintain her body and soul. Although Malaika is older than Urvashi in both age and experience, the answer to both these hot bods is fitness, and perhaps taking Urvashi and Malaika as their inspiration, today’s young brigade will also start considering fitness as an integral part of their daily life.

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Urvashi Sharma’s Instagram Post

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