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List Of Gifts That Jacqueline Had Apparently Received From Conman Sukesh

From expensive bags to diamond-studded earrings, not just Jacquline but her parents too were allured with expensive gifts by Sukesh Chandrashekhar.

Bollywood stars are known to make headlines and Jacqueline has been making some for the past several weeks, not for good reasons though! The actress has been linked with conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who has been accused in the 200 crore money laundering case being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate has now accused the actress of not telling the truth. While the actress herself is also being investigated for the same after her alleged relationship with Sukesh came into the limelight, during his investigation, he further revealed all the gifts that the actress and her family have been gifted by him so far.

Sukesh firmly said that the actress had hidden a lot of things in her investigation, including the amount that the actress’s sister had received in the United States. $180,000 to Jacqueline’s sister Geraldine who lives in the USA. However, the actress in her statement claimed that Sukesh gave her sister $150,000.

In his investigation, he labeled himself as just a friend of Jacqueline and gave her 15 earrings, five Birkin bags, and other bags from YSL, Gucci.

“I also gifted her Cartier bangles and Tiffany bracelets. These jewelry and earrings are diamond-studded and approximately Rs 7 crore,” he told the ED. He also said that he had gifted her expensive watches like Rolex, Roger Dubuis, Franck Muller” he shared.

On being summoned by ED regarding Jacqueline’s claims, he said “No, she is not telling the truth. Through Deepak Ramnani (who has also been arrested), I transferred $180,000 and BMW (X5) to Geraldine.”

Not just Jacqueline and her sister, the accused con man seems to have sent expensive gifts to the rest of her family as well, including both her parents. “As far as (her) parents are concerned, I gifted them a Maserati and a Porsche to her mother in Bahrain. I also allowed Jacqueline to frequently use a private jet which I was using,” he further said.

If we were to believe Jacqueline’s statement, she said that he had introduced himself as ‘Shekhaar Ratna Vela’ and has made a spoof call from the office of Union Minister Amit Shah to befriend her. He had further convinced her into thinking that he belonged from politician Jayalalitha’s family in Chennai and even owned Sun TV network.

Clearly, the actress seems to be in deep trouble if the accusations turn out to be true, which could even adversely affect her acting career. As of now, the actress has seen next to John Abraham in ‘Attack’ The actress took to her Instagram a few days back to share the teaser of the movie which is expected to release in cinemas worldwide on the 28th of January 2022.

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