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Swades Or My Name Is Khan: Rate The Best Shah Rukh Khan’s Movie?

Which is the best movie of Shah Rukh Khan among Swades and My Name Is Khan?

Shah Rukh Khan, the name is enough to tell us about the success the man has achieved. SRK is a huge global superstar with fans all over the world. He is also tagged as the Badshah of Bollywood and King of Romance. In nearly three decades of his career in Bollywood, SRK has produced many huge hits and super hits in the industry and his contribution to the Bollywood movie industry is very big.

Among many best hit movies of Shah Rukh Khan are the names Swades and My Name is Khan. Both the movies did great on the Box Office and today we will decide which is the best movie among the two.

The plot of both the movie had the same basic concept of caste and religious discrimination in society. Though the basic idea is the same, both the movies are unique in their kind. In Swades, we saw discrimination among the caste and religion in a small undeveloped village. While in My Name is Khan the discrimination we got to saw was of between religions and how the Muslim religion had to face problems.

The star cast of both the movies was big and we really fell in love with SRK’s acting in both the movies as he played a role unique from his genre.

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