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Sonakshi Sinha’s Brother Luv Finally Breaks Silence On Pooja Mishra’s “Virginity” Allegations!

Pooja Mishra had allegedly blamed the 'Shatrugan Sinha and family' for ruining her career and selling her virginity. Read what Luv Sinha said about the same!

Recently a lot has been going on between Sonakshi Sinha and ex Bigg Boss contestant and actress Pooja Mishra, who has alleged the entire Sinha family of not only sabotaging her career but also exploiting her sexuality. The ex Bigg Boss contestant made a shocking statement about the Sinha family on how they ruined her career and made Sonakshi Sinha, the celebrity that she is today, by selling her ‘virginity’.

In a recent interview with a popular news portal, Pooja revealed how Shatrugan Sinha and wife Poonam Sinha ruined her career, to make way for their daughter Sonakshi’s debut. Apart from making shocking revelations, she added how the whole family apparently performed ‘black magic’ on her. Although she confirmed how Shatrugan Sinha helped her family financially, but in return, ruined her career.

“My career has been transient, because of one Bollywood family that has completely jeopardized not only my career but my personal life as well as financial life. Main baat kar rahi hu Shatrughan Sinha aur unke family ki. Ye mere pitaji ke dost hua karte the aur unhone 100-100 crore ke favour kiye hain.” she said.

“Do decades hone aye, ye pariwar mere career ke haath dhoke pada hai. Jab mere papa service mei the aur Mumbai mei rehte the, toh Poonam Sinha ne unhe brain wash kar diya tha ki only pro*titutes enter Bollywood. She’s such a hypocrite, today her daughter is a part of Bollywood, par mera patta kaatne ke liye unhone mere papa ko aise bola.” she added.

“Jab 2005 mei mere papa retire hoke pune chale gaye tab Shatrughan Sinha aur Poonam Sinha openly mujhe oppress karna shuru kiya. Infact jab main Videocon ke guesthouse mei rehti thi, jab main soti rehti thi mujhpe kala jadu karwate the, ki main kahin unse zyada famous na ban jaun.” she revealed.

She even shared how the entire family is responsible for cancelling as many as her 35 of her movies,  “I hold them solely responsible, woh hamesha confuse karte hain ki, ‘hamne nahi Salman Khan ne kiya, nahi Shah Rukh Khan ne kiya.’ 2007 se 2014 tak main apne family apartment mein rehti thi, uss apartment ke upar pura Shatrughan Sinha ka privar rehta tha. Main Singapore se ati thi, meri cheezen churake, Sonakshi Sinha ko pehnake uski photo paper mein chaapna, mere media contracts terminate karna, jo bhi kaam mujhe mil raha hai beech mei akey mere sponsors churana.”

“Inke crimes another level ko hit karne lage jab ussi ghar mei s*x scam chalane lagey. Mujhe lekar behoshi ke halat mein ye log trade karne lage. In logon ne meri virginity trade karke paise banaye hain, Sonakshi Sinha ko star banaya hai, woh toh fashion designer banne wali thin a suddenly who Bollywood mein kahan se agayi.”

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But finally, Sonakshi’s brother Luv Sinha has addressed Pooja’s allegations and has refuted her claims. “That lady needs professional help. Making such allegations against my family proves that they are unstable. I usually don’t waste my time on the internet answering such garbage. But I think the irresponsible editor approving this story should realize that strict legal action can be taken against such derogatory articles which are completely false and disgusting.” he said.

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