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Somy Ali: I Am Against The Split Between India And Pakistan

In her recent interview, the former bollywood actress and now a humanitarian with No More Tears, Somy Ali says I am against the split between India and Pakistan.

Former Bollywood actress who was one of the most loved actresses in B town back in 90’s and has been part of films like Krishan Avtaar, Yaar Gaddar, AnthTeesra Kaun, Andolan and Mafia, in her recent interview off late, Somy Ali says I am against the split between India and Pakistan.

Sharing more details about same, the former B-town actress and now a social activist who is also the founder of No More Tears (NMT), Somy Ali says I am against the split between India and Pakistan.

Its true that former Bollywood star turned humanitarian Somy Ali’s life is dedicated to her US based NGO No More Tears (NMT), which assists and empowers survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence and speaking about how much she wants both countries to get reunited and much more, Somy Ali says I am against the split between India and Pakistan.

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Former actress Somy Ali, who resides in the USA now, shares her take on Independence Day. She runs an ngo called No More Tears. When asked about what does Independence mean to her, on this she said, “I am pretty fortunate because I belong to three countries. I was born in Pakistan but left when I was 11 and moved to the US. Then I moved again to India in 1991 and was there till 1999. Given that my father was born in Mumbai (Bombay), I still have several relatives in India. Considering I am an American/Pakistani with concrete ties to India, I deem myself to hold three nationalities. I feel closer to India because I was there from 16-25, and that is an age where you begin to gain a better understanding about the world and what freedom truly means. On a personal note, I am against the split between India and Pakistan as I deem us to be one. Logically if it weren’t for the politicians trying to create a divide, there would not have been a Pakistan and things would have been so much better. We lost countless lives for literally hatred manufactured and ignited by politicians”.

She also added, “Because I can and never will see us as two nations separate from one another, I only see us human beings and I hold the politicians responsible on both sides for creating this beyond-absurd divide”.

Somy’s all-time favourite patriotic actor is Manoj Kumar as she adds, “From an actor’s perspective, my ultimate patriot was Manoj Kumar, and I am so happy I was able to meet and spend time with him. He told me that he was born in Lahore, Pakistan and it was an honour to converse with him. My favorite song is: Hai Preet Jahan Ki Reet Sada Main Geet Wahan Ke Gaata Hoon, Bharat ka Rehne wala Hoon Bharat Ki Baat Sunata Hoon”.

Speaking about his favorite freedom fighter Somy says, “The American in me will definitely never forget activist Martin Luther King who was the most visible leader in the American Civil Rights movement. He advanced his movement through nonviolence similar to my second hero Mahatma Gandhi”.

 Any incident related to the Independence struggle that has given you personal learning?  She adds, “If you think about it, what did all these freedom fighters have in common? From Nelson Mandela to Gandhi, to King, to Kiran Bedi and many more; they never ever gave up. This is my philosophy when it comes to fighting for the rights of victims through my NGO, No More Tears. I will never ever give up and yes, at the risk of losing my life. This is my fight for freedom to rescue many who are suppressed, beaten, raped, and sex trafficked every single day.” Somy also shares she doesn’t have many memories of Pakistan relevant to Independence Day as she was quite young and moved to the US at a very young age”.

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