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Salman Refuses To Charge Money For His Cameo In Pathan

The globally loved indian Bollywood superstar who is loved by everyone, Salman refuses to charge money from Aditya Chopra for his cameo in Pathan.

Pathan backed by ace bollywood producer Aditya Chopra under his banner YRF Films starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in leading roles is undoubtedly one of the eagerly anticipated films of 2021 and is also being touted as the globally crowned king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film after a temporary hiatus of 3 years since Zero (2018). Known for his generosity and brotherhood, Salman refuses to charge money for his cameo in Pathan.

This is real news that when Aditya Chopra offered him monetary amount for his appearance in Pathan, Salman refuses to charge money for his cameo in Pathan.

Fans who have always loved Shah Rukh and Salman Khan ever since the time of Karan Arjun together on silver screens are really excited to see them both sharing screen space with each other on 70 mm celluloid and another scoop of the day to warm our hearts here is that Salman refuses to charge money for his cameo in Pathan.

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The excitement and buzz around the film Pathan has multiplied manifolds ever since fans found out that Pathan has an extremely special cameo appearance by none other than the globally loved eternal Dabanng, Salman Khan and earlier whilst there were reports about how Aditya is going to be paying a huge chunk of remuneration to Salman for his 10 day cameo appearance in Pathan but now according to latest news media reports by a leading digital entertainment portal, the noted filmmaker was of a opinion that Salman is going to be adding a lot of value into the film’s collections.

We all know about how Salman had originally shot for his cameo back in February 2021 in the YRF studios and after the entire shoot wrapped up, Aditya Chopra went to Salman inorder to discuss the remunerations, but surprisingly, Salman refused to take anything from him. Also an insider source told the leading digital entertainment portal that Salman straightaway has refused charging any penny for his cameo stating, “Shah Rukh is like a brother. I would do anything for him”.

The producer even then kept on insisting for Salman to be paid for his time but ultimately it so happened that Salman ended up suggesting an innovative idea to Aditya by asking him to split up his payment by adding to the budgets of both Tiger and Pathan. Source also disclosed about how the producer Aditya Chopra is planning to give Salman a costly gift for his generosity.

The report furthermore also clearly mentioned about the fact that when Aditya Chopra mentioned this to Shah Rukh Khan, he wasn’t surprised by it and also said, “Bhai toh bhai hai”.

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