Salman Khan Hints At Shehnaaz Gill And Raghav Juyal’s Relationship? Says Move On!

Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan trailer launch Shehnaaz Gill says 'kar gayi' when Salman Khan repeatedly advises her 'move on kar jao.

It seems Shehnaaz Gill is moving forward with her love life, which is a matter of happiness for her fans. After losing Sidharth Shukla, the love of her life, the actress experienced a serious setback. Although they were supposed to be dating, they never made their connection known to others. Although many people have watched the actress suffer through a difficult time, she finally appears to be moving past her past. Salman Khan does not appear to share this belief, though.

The Punjabi ki Katrina Kaif was recently spotted attending the premiere of the trailer for her new movie, “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki,” and she was questioned about whether she experienced any nerves while filming the significant project. Salman interrupted Shehnaaz’s attempt to respond by saying, “Main keh raha hoon, move on kar jao,” to which Shenaaz responded, “kar gayi.” She softly mumbled, “I didn’t get you,” as the actor appeared to disagree with the actress’ response.

Salman Khan’s repeated counsel to Shehnaaz to move on, however, tells much about her personal life and the setbacks she has experienced over the past year.

The game of hints, however, did not stop there. The Bollywood icon appears to have confirmed Shehnaaz and Raghav Juyal’s relationship rumours. Salman Khan even said, “Iss film ke dauran maine ek chemistry dekhi hain,” at the trailer event. Koi usko aage badhane ki koshish nahi karraha, nonetheless.

Salman said, “Ek chemistry dekhi hain, aapne bhi dekhi hain, lekin vo dur dur se vibe hota hain,” as he turned to face the cast while attempting to be non-obvious. Koi ek kadam aage badhata hain, but isn’t that the point? Or is it that ek kadam piche ho jata hain? (Salman asks the cast to give Palak Tiwari the microphone and waits for her to respond to his assertion.) Yeh bhala kyu.

“Voh Kaam bhala kya kaam bhala, jo kaam ka charcha sar par ho, vo ishq wala kya ishq huva jis ishq ka charcha ghar par ho,” responds Raghav with a sheer (couple of a ghazal).

Shehnaaz couldn’t help but smile throughout the conversation, and her repeated blushes seem to indicate that she has chemistry with Raghav. Although the actress may have previously denied all relationship rumours involving the dancer-host, the cat appears to be slowly emerging from the bag.

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