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Rozam Brings Hollywood And B-Town Together For Vikram’s Horror Film

Where new films and series are being announced each day, latest exciting news of the day is that poet songwriter Rozam brings Hollywood and B-town together for Vikram’s horror film.

Internationally renowned poet and songwriter Rozam brings Hollywood and B-town together for Vikram’s horror film.

Especially for youth who love watching good horror film which gives chills and goosebumps, Saudi Arabian poet and songwriter Rozam brings Hollywood and B-town together for Vikram’s horror film.

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Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes, who are among Hollywood’s most renowned and globally distinguished screenwriters that have given us the chills with their masterpiece horror genre films like House of Wax, The Reaping and The Conjuring, are all set to consult on a screenplay penned by poet / songwriter Rozam along with director Vikram Bhatt. The film, titled The Cello, is based on a unique story written by Rozam and will be made into a horror film.

Rozam is the pen name of the poet and songwriter Turki Al-Sheikh from Saudi Arabia. A big fan of Indian music and movies, he recently hosted an award ceremony that felicitated Shah Rukh Khan and has also collaborated with AR Rehman for a track.

Talking about the project, which will be mounted on a big scale, Vikram Bhatt says, “Turki Al-Sheikh and I bonded over our love for horror thrillers, and so, we decided to work together to make the best one to date. While Carey Hayes and Chad Hayes will be consulting on the screenplay based on a story written by Turki Al-Sheikh, I will be directing it. We plan to shoot a big portion of the film in Saudi Arabia. I am particularly excited to explore the virgin location of Al Ula”.

Screenwriters Carey and Chad Hayes, who are consultants on the film, say, “After the success of The Conjuring, we have been given many opportunities to work with the best filmmakers and creative executives that Hollywood has to offer. We are very excited to expand globally with Rozam and Vikram Bhatt, two incredibly creative and talented individuals who strive to make great, scary movies with heart and soul, which parallels our own mandate. Filmmaking is a collaborative process, and to work with the best is an honour. We are excited about The Cello, as it not only “plays” up to everything we love about these type of movies, but also promises a mind-blowing story with scares that will chill even the bravest to the bone”.

Made under the banner of Rozam, The Cello is slated to release later this year.

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