Don 3: Ranveer Singh Has Replaced Shah Rukh Khan; The Promo Video Will Drop Soon

Instead of Hrithik Roshan, Don 3 has chosen Ranveer Singh to carry on the legacy of Shah Rukh Khan for the film.

Fans were shocked when the news came that Shah Rukh Khan was not going to appear in Don 3 After that, it was revealed that he had chosen to leave Farhan Akhta’s franchise. After that, fans were asking the makers: if not SRK, then who? Hrithik Roshan was widely regarded as being a great pick as he is excellent for the role and also had a small cameo in Don 2. However, if recent reports are to be believed, Ranveer Singh has been chosen by the producers to continue SRK’s legacy in the next Don franchise flick rather than Hrithik.

According to News 18, Ranveer Singh has reportedly been cast in the franchise leader role that the makers of Don 3 were apparently in talks to fill with a new “A-lister.” The reports said that following Shah Rukh Khan’s exit, Don 3’s makers were looking for a popular and bankable name that could carry on the Don legacy. And they narrowed Ranveer. Since their cooperation has already borne fruit, it won’t be shocking if it turns out to be yet another blockbuster hit. We’re interested to see how fans of the Don franchise react to Ranveer’s casting, especially considering how well-liked Don was made by Shah Rukh.

Additionally, it’s been said that Ranveer, who appears to have already finished filming the promotional video, will help the producers debut Don 3. The Ranveer video has actually already been shot, and the production team wants to release it as soon as possible.

Now it will be interesting to see whether Ranveer Singh will successfully fulfil the role of Shah Rukh Khan. Will the audience like his appearance?

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