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Radhika Apte talks about the offer she got for a sex comedy after Badlapur

Radhika Apte spoke about receiving sex comedies offer in her recent interview with Barkha Dutt after her striping scene in the movie Badlapur and the role played in the short film Ahalya. Radhika explained about her role and the scene in the film Badlapur.

In the recent interview with Barkha Dutt at We The Women show Radhika Apte seen talking about her role in the movies being misjudged. She also revealed about the offers she received for sex comedies due to her role in the movies like Badlapur and Ahalya which was really upsetting for her. She further explained the scene where a man forced her to strip as he was about to kill her and her husband. Also, she said people think she’s a ‘seductress’ because of these scenes or role played in the movie. 

Radhika also mentioned she doesn’t believe and doesn’t want to get featured in any franchise comedy films, sex comedy or any such project which does not support her views and perspective. “You’d be surprised, I was offered one when I did Badlapur where I stripped because this man wants to rape and kill me but because of that I started getting sex comedies. Because I stripped and I had done a short film, Ahalya, they said ‘you are constantly playing the role of a seductress.’ I said can you tell me where? They said Ahalya, Badlapur. I said there is a huge problem. I would not do any of those things,” Radhika stated at the show hosted by Barkha Dutt.

The actor added that she’s been rejecting many films as people in the industry are writing anything which doesn’t interest her and which doesn’t fit for the current scenario in the society. In the name of ‘progressive’ writing its not worth and she also said that she doesn’t know whether this is good for her filmy career or not.

Actress Radhika Apte is one who’s been praised for the choice of the film she makes and the roles she does. She has done phenomenal work in the famous web series on Netflix like sacred games, ghoul and lust stories also her appearance on the big screen is an amazing journey. She has performed exceptionally well in films like Padman, bazaar and many more.

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